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Customer Service Surveys

PLASA is pleased to offer all Business Members the opportunity to participate in our Customer Service Survey Program. These surveys provide members with a unique opportunity to receive direct feedback on their operations from their customers. We utilize an independent third party firm, Stiernberg Consulting, to collate the data to ensure the security and anonymity customers seek in order to provide a forthright appraisal of your service. In addition to receiving your own results, participating members will also receive the compiled results for all participants in the survey to use as a benchmarking tool. This unique service allows you to confirm what you’re doing right and most importantly to learn what areas might need improvement.

Are there standard survey forms?
Yes, there are 4 different survey forms for you to choose from so you can select the form(s) that best cover your business operations. We do not recommend asking a respondent to complete more than one form, so you may want to segment your customer list so that respondents are completing the form that most closely aligns with how they do business with your company.
View the sample forms:

What is the cost?
The first survey form is free to Premier Level Members and £150/$250 for Standard Level Members. Additional survey forms are £130/ $225 each for all members.

Can I add custom questions?
Yes, you may add custom questions to the standard surveys for an additional fee. This is your chance to create questions directly relevant to unique aspects of your operation. The fee, which covers the additional cost of creating the custom survey and processing the responses, is based on the number of questions:

1 custom question - £200/$300
3 custom questions - £350/$550
5 custom questions - £450/$700

You may email your custom questions to David Sam at or fax them to 212-244-1502. Jeanne Stiernberg has provided some important guidelines to keep in mind when creating your custom

How are the surveys conducted?
All surveys are conducted on-line utilizing a secure site. You tell us who to survey by submitting a list of email addresses. Requested participants are emailed a direct link to the survey. These addresses remain confidential and are used only for this purpose. We recommend you survey only those companies who are regular, active customers. Respondents have told us they don’t like it when they are asked to respond to a survey for someone with whom they rarely do business. Survey everyone within the company that has regular contact with yours such as sales people, project managers, service techs, production personnel, and accounting or shipping personnel.

PLASA will notify you in advance of the specific date your survey will be sent out so that you can coordinate your own effort to encourage your customers to participate. Responses to the survey are significantly higher for companies that actively seek their customers participation. This might involve a separate mailing on your part asking for their cooperation, a special phone call or email, or simply asking your staff to remind people to fill out their forms as they speak to them in the course of their daily interactions. Surveys will remain open for three weeks.

Stiernberg Consulting will email the confidential tabulated results directly to you. No PLASA staff or other member will ever see them. If you would like to receive an analysis of the results, or you would like to pursue additional information beyond the scope of the survey, you are free to contract with Stiernberg Consulting () on an individual basis at your own expense.

How do I sign up?

Download and complete the North American form (USD)

Download and complete the European form (GBP)

Windows (Right-Click and select "Save As" )
Mac (Option-Click and Save)