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Protocol is a quarterly publication featuring columns and articles of interest to professionals in the entertainment technology industry on business and technical topics, current standards issues, certification developments, and trade shows.  Since its inception in 1994, Protocol has grown to become the leading source of information for businesses in the field of entertainment technology.

Between its covers you will find a variety of articles on topics ranging from:

  • Business - marketing, insurance, information technologies, accounting, legal issues, and money-saving techniques specific to operating a business in the entertainment technology industry
  • Technology - articles encompassing new technologies and the proper use of existing technologies
  • Industry Developments - track the progress being made in Technical Standards, Certification, and Technical Education
  • News - watch Protocol for information on upcoming trade shows and events, awards, and membership benefits

This edition’s highlights include:

    • Avraham Mor explains the latest techniques when planning sustainable museum lighting
    • Laura Hoepker shares “Maximizing your Trade Show Experience” to help exhibitors generate the most out of the pre-, during, and post-show experience
    • Karl Ruling discusses “Breaking the Inverse-Square Law: Experiments in DIY Near-Field Photometry.”
    • ProSight’s Mike Kelly addresses product liability issues in “The Risk of Faulty Products”—a must read!
    • The History Project column explores “100 Year of Strand Lighting” by Bryan Matthews
    • Learn about consulting in the entertainment technology industry as Protocol shares Part 1 of a Q&A with a cross-section of highly-respected industry consultants
    • Mike Wood pens another fascinating “Out of the Wood” column on communicating color and the language of color—don’t miss it!
    Protocol reports from the Event Safety Alliance’s Summit last December, considered a home run by industry attendees
    • Rich Wolpert’s “Tech Tips” column covers some interesting new tools he found on the LDI trade show floor
    • “Shadow, Light, and Truth” by Richard Cadena discusses “Protecting the Stage”—what you need to know—and how GFCIs and RCDs are key to help
    • The ETCP News column, written by Robert J. Culley, highlights “Why ETCP Certification Should be Important to You?”
    • “BizQuestions” with David Schraffenberger addresses “Cybernoia”—a must read! Have a question or concern about running your business? Email David at for a future issue’s column.
    • Bill Groener’s “Soft Sell” column offers insightful thoughts about improving your sales skills
    • View the photos and read about PLASA’s Behind the Scenes Happy Hour event on the eve of LDI that raised over $18,000 for the charity—thanks to the generous sponsors!
    • Harry Box updates on the busy programs and activities planned for PERG in 2015
    • Read Protocol’s review of the new book Entertainment Rigging for the 21st Century edited by Bill Sapsis.
    • Enjoy the recap of LDI2014 and the interesting products that caught Karl Ruling’s eye
    • The PLASA Foundation News briefs readers on Behind the Scenes programs covering both sides of the Atlantic
    • Read the thought-provoking NA and EU Directions columns from your regional chairs
    • New PLASA Members

    And much more!


To access any past edition of Protocol, simply click on the current issue's cover at right and then click on the "Archive" tab on the left side of the digital edition to access past issues.

PLASA is interested in your feedback.  If you have opinions about Protocol, ideas for articles, or a Letter To the Editor, drop Beverly Inglesby, Protocol's editor, a line at .

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