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Protocol is a quarterly publication featuring columns and articles of interest to professionals in the entertainment technology industry on business and technical topics, current standards issues, certification developments, and trade shows.  Since its inception in 1994, Protocol has grown to become the leading source of information for businesses in the field of entertainment technology.

Between its covers you will find a variety of articles on topics ranging from:

  • Business - marketing, insurance, information technologies, accounting, legal issues, and money-saving techniques specific to operating a business in the entertainment technology industry
  • Technology - articles encompassing new technologies and the proper use of existing technologies
  • Industry Developments - track the progress being made in Technical Standards, Certification, and Technical Education
  • News - watch Protocol for information on upcoming trade shows and events, awards, and membership benefits

This issue’s highlights include:

  • Learn about the 2013 Rock Our World Award winners and catch up on all the PLASA members recognized with awards at LDI
  • Mark Bishop and Curtis Kasefang write about the impact of automated and LED luminaires and the changing requirements for AC mains power
  • In “How Tall Should My Stage Be?” Bill Conner updates on considerations in stage construction
  • Read the latest on the IATSE Entertainment and Exhibition Industries Training Trust Fund from Alan M. Rowe
  • ProSight Specialty Insurance’s Mike Kelly addresses how meeting legal/regulatory standards does not necessarily protect an organization from litigation if it hasn't exceeded voluntary industry standards as well.
  • Rocky Paulson, recent Eva Swan Award winner, discusses the value of volunteerism and giving back to our industry
  • Stan Schwartz shares his perspective in a must-read “Advertising, Marketing, and the Sales Process”
  • Mike Wood reviews “Color Rendering—Where are we?” in his informative “Out of the Wood” column
  • “Shadow, Light, and Truth” by Richard Cadena reviews “Solar Power and Live Event Production”
  • In “Tech Tips,” Richard Wolpert highlights his newest finds in effective tools for technicians
  • “BizQuestions” with David Schraffenberger tackles questions on former employees who go to work for competitors and shipping via common carrier—information to help readers build a stronger, more profitable business.
  • Bill Groener’s “Soft Sell” column instructs readers on understanding fear to improve your sales skills
  • ETCP News with Matthew Hughes sharing his perspective on the value of ETCP certification from a set construction perspective
  • Learn about the PLASA organizational restructure beginning 2014
  • Karl Ruling explores the recent LDI show
  • Technical book review examines Steve Shelley’s Practical Guide to Stage Lighting third edition
  • “Standards Watch” examines “A Spectrum of Standards” with Karl Ruling
  • Learn about the value of PLASA membership from the PLASA membership team
  • Read the Technical Standards Program News from Karl Ruling for updates and highlight on the volunteers recognized for their extraordinary service for PLASA’s ANSI-approved standards work
  • Production Equipment Rental Group News updates the ASPEC merger with PLASA from Norah Phillips
  • The ESTA Foundation News updates readers about Behind the Scenes programs
  • NA and EU Directions columns from your regional chairs
  • New PLASA Members

    And much more!


To access any past issue of Protocol, simply click on the current issue's cover at right and then click on the "Archive" tab on the left side of the digital edition to access past issues.

PLASA is interested in your feedback.  If you have opinions about Protocol, ideas for articles, or a Letter To the Editor, drop Beverly Inglesby, Protocol's editor, a line at .

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