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About the Production Equipment Rental Group

The Production Equipment Rental Group (PERG) serves the film and digital community within PLASA. PERG shines a light on the challenges and opportunities faced by professional rental companies. It focuses the collective expertise of its members to shape solutions that best serve us all. PERG strives to be the voice of the motion picture equipment rental industry and set a standard of operations and ethical behavior.

PERG's main focus is rental companiesthat offer cameras, grip and lighting equipment to the motion picture, television and commercial production market. Any member of PLASA working in these market sectors may become a member of the Production Equipment Rental Group by contacting PERG Manager, Harry Box, at .

The PERG Council is comprised of volunteer leaders from rental companies, manufacturers and insurance companies. The Council works to develop initiatives, programs and services for the benefit of PERG members.

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PERG rental member list
A complete list of PERG Rental Companies, with links to their websites. Check it out.

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announcements Industry Initiatives upcoming events

fraud and theft prevention network
PERG's Fraud and Theft Prevention Network works! It is helping our members sidestep criminals.
Using the Questionable Customer Alert, one of our members posted a New Customer Inquiry and within 15 minutes received confirmation from another member company overseas that the potential customer was suspected of being a criminal who had hit at least half a dozen rental houses around the world. The police were waiting at the rental house when the renters arrived. Within a two-week span FOUR other companies were hit by the same criminals and were not so fortunate.

Please be sure your staff knows about and uses these alerts. To add names to our distribution list please contact . Your involvement helps strengthen the network!

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  • Job postings
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  • Self service management of postings
  • Notification of new candidates with the qualifications you are looking for.

Members receive one free job posting on the new job board.  Additionally members receive 25% off subsequent purchases using your member discount code. Contact to receive your discount code.

PERG Meetings and Activities
NAB, Cine Gear Expo, regional meetings, PLASA Focus events -- company leaders gather network and discuss industry trends and issues. Please join us at our next event! (see upcoming events).

PERG General Membership Meeting at NAB 2015
Tuesday April 14th, 4:30-7 pm at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 3600 Paradise Blvd, Las Vegas. If you have not received an invitation and would like to attend, please contact .

Cinco de Mayo
The AICP and PERG will co-host our own Cinco de Mayo party in Los Angeles. This event, which is for members only, is modeled after our successful Oktoberfest event held every fall in New York.

Cine Gear Expo
Come see us at the Cine Gear Expo on the Paramount backlot in Los Angeles June 5th and 6th.

fraud and theft prevention network

New Customer Inquiry (members only)

  • This service HAS PREVENTED THEFTS!
  • This service has given law enforcement a fighting chance a catching perpetrators
  • Check on prospective customers you do not know
  • Get independent references regarding a customer's authenticity and payment habits

Questionable Customer Alert (members only)

  • Share informaiton about rentals you refuse because you ahve concerns about their legitimacy
  • Provide timley warning to others. Criminal often set up several hits in a short space of time.
  • Sharing this inforation has prevented thefts and provided an opportunity to law enforcement to act

Missing Equipment Alerts and Database

  • Timely alerts about current crimes and details about criminal methods
  • Sharing informaTIon quickly HAS LED TORECOVERY OF EQUIPMENT
  • Helps service centers identify and recover items when they resurface
  • Cuts off technical support for stolen equipment


Terms and Conditions
The AICP/PLASA Terms and Conditions is a sample document created by a joint AICP/PLASA committee in conjunction with insurance underwriters and legal counsel. The purpose of the document is to help avoid entering into a process of red lining.

data security
Clients frequently return media cards and storage devices with sensitive images and other recorded data still on the device. PERG brought together representatives from every side of the industry to discuss the issue and created the Recorded Content Disclaimer, and the Media Handling Guidelines for Rental House Employees.