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Missing Equipment List

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This list serves as an important industry resource enabling rental companies to post equipment that has been stolen. Any rental or repair facility can log on to the list 24 hours a day if they suspect someone has approached them to buy or repair stolen equipment. New listings are also automatically emailed to members of the Production Equipment Rental Group.

Submit Missing Items and Incident Details

Anyone who wishes to post missing equipment may do so free of charge.

Please notify Judi Daitsman at when missing equipment has been recovered. All postings will remain active until authorization to remove them has been received.

A theft model has arisen whereby the customer has what appears to be a credit card but it is in reality a gift card with a fixed amount on the card. The rental house will process the rental thinking that there is a valid credit card and only puts a hold against the credit card for a specified dollar amount. What is unbeknownst to the rental house is that they have a gift card versus a credit card and that the person on the card may not be the person to whom they are renting. Rental companies must make certain that a name appears on all credit cards and that they take a copy of the person's photo identification.
Missing Equipment Tips
When equipment is stolen in California, by law, the person who had the equipment when it was stolen must be the person filing the report. It is important that the owner of the equipment get a copy of the report when it becomes available because the person who files the report may provide an incorrect name for the equipment which can result in its being misfiled inthe police computer.

For example, Clairmont Camera had a customer that had a set of Zeiss hi speed PL lenses stolen and called them Arri lenses in the police report. By accident they were found in a pawn shop by a friend of Clairmont. The pawn shop owner checked with the police before buying them and the pawn shop owner called them Zeiss lenses and police said they were OK to buy after checking in the computer under Zeiss.