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AICP/pLASA terms and conditions

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Use of the AICP/PLASA Terms and Conditions 2013 revision to the document
Caution: Consult your lawyer and other professionals (including accountant and insurance agent) before using or acting under this form agreement. This form is provided as a general reference only. The laws of each jurisdiction in which this form may be used must be reviewed prior to its use. AICP and PLASA, as the publishers of this form, make no representation or warranty with respect to this form, including, without limitation, representations or warranties of compliance with applicable laws and any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

The PERG/AICP Terms and Conditions sample form was revised in 2013 to include changes that clarify the responsibilities of the production and rental company parties to the contract. These changes include:

  • Expansion of instructions to assist in the use of the Terms and Conditions form and to clarify that the use of the form is voluntary and that terms and conditions in the sample form agreement must be evaluated by each user and adapted to meet the user’s specific business and legal needs.
  • Deletion of reference in Section 1 to federal, state and other laws and regulations and inclusion of mutual responsibility to comply with manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Clarification in Section 5 to provide that Customer is deemed to take possession of equipment at the moment the equipment is in Customer’s custody and control
  • Inclusion in Section 7 of specified damages if the Customer fails to maintain its required insurance policies and limits of insurance or if claims and losses are not covered or paid by Customer’s insurance
  • Deletion in Section 7a of $1 million property insurance minimum to be maintained by Customer, while retaining requirement that Customer’s property insurance coverage must be sufficient to encompass all property at risk, regardless of source
  • Inclusion in Section 7d of Customer’s right to provide written confirmation that insurance remains in full force and effect in order to prevent automatic termination of agreement

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Background on the development of the Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions about the use of this document, or would like the AICP and PLASA logos emailed to you, please contact:
Harry Box, PERG Council Manager at

Lori Rubinstein, Executive Director North America at

  1. It is acceptable to delete the explanatory language on the first page of the Terms and Conditions, after you have read it.

  2. Under Governing Law (Section 14), you should enter the appropriate State name.

  3. Attach a cover page to this document that designates such items as names and addresses of parties, etsablishes the identity of the parties (i.e. Rental Company and Customer as referenced in the terms and Conditions), equipment and vehicles to be rented, the rental term and other key terms of the transaction including any additional terms and conditions.

  4. If you change any of the terms and conditions themselves, you must remove the AICP and PLASA logos and the AICP and PLASA copyright. It is not permissible to represent an altered terms and conditions as the AICP/PLASA Terms and Conditions.

  5. The form agreement is provided merely as a sample of the types of provisions that a member may find desirable to protect their legal rights.

  6. No member is required to use the form agreement or any provision contained in the agreement. Each member should make its own unilateral determination of whether the form agreement, or any portion of the agreement, meets its business and legal needs, particularly in light of the marketplace it serves and the applicable laws of its jurisdiction. Ultimately, the rental agreements used by a member, and its specific terms, will be the result of negotiation between the rental company and its customers.


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